Kind of unrelated; But maybe someone knows.

Juan Fco. Giordana juangiordana at
Fri Dec 24 10:49:44 MSK 2010

On 12/22/2010 09:58 PM, David J. wrote:
> Would you happen to have any articles or information that goes deeper
> into that?

Search "cache busting" on the net.

> I understand the concept clearly; Obviously on CSS or JS files are any
> versioned content; You wouldnt want that data cached;

You could see it basically as a reload mechanism. You modified the 
site's CSS/JS, and append some timestamp to the query string so the file 
gets reloaded on the next page view, and cached by the browser (and 
possibly the web server). This is to avoid that your visitors need to 
reload the page contents to see the stuff you edited on those files.

The query string would remain the same until you modify these files again.

> But I never saw the technique mentioned before; So I would like to learn
> a bit more about it.

It's like uniqid() some of us use on captcha's images, but made for last 
a bit longer.


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