Fair Module

Jaap van Arragon j.vanarragon at lukkien.com
Mon Dec 27 11:06:35 MSK 2010


Is there a possibility to check if the HttpUpstreamFairModule is installed
right on our Nginx setup?

When we make a new setup to test the fair module it doesn¹t load balance. We
are using the fair module in combination with ip hash to keep the sessions

We¹ve tested it from several ip spaces but we always are thrown to the same
web server.

Config upstream:

upstream testvip {
        fair default; #default weighted least-connection round robin
        server xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx max_fails=5 fail_timeout=20s weight=3;
        server xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx max_fails=5 fail_timeout=20s weight=1 ;
    } #end upstream

Any ideas?

Thank you

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