Implementing a non-blocking delay between request and response

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Fri Jan 15 17:43:17 MSK 2010

Hi folks, thanks for your responses! As a quick note, I've been using ngxin 0.7.64

Marcus Clyne wrote:
>As a side-note here, this should have included returning a failure - you
>would have got a segfault on failure otherwise

For sure, I'm just experimenting for now, not too much error handling.

>You should use ngx_add_event () here instead of allocating the space for
>the event struct directly.

I spent some time looking at ngx_event.h, but can't figure out the semantics of that call. It doesn't look like it actually allocates space for the event that I can tell, so I still have to pcalloc. Even then, I tried ngx_add_event(wakeupFromSleep, NGX_ONESHOT_EVENT, 0) (and READ, WRITE events), but it still just seg faults. 

>If you do nothing else here, then your request will return immediately.
>(Check out the code in ngx_http_finalize_request() to understand why.)


>is one way that should prevent it from returning the first time.

Since I'm using 0.7.64 (sorry for not mentioning that sooner), my ngx_http_request doesn't have a count element. Is there something similar to prevent return in 0.7.64?

Also, I know ngx_http_finalize_request() never even gets called after I add the timer and the request returns. So I don't see how it could be causing it to return immediately. 

>You should add a ngx_del_event() too here.

Yep, but I have to figure out how to use add event first.

>By the way, this question is probably better asked in the nginx-devel
>mailing list rather than the main one.

Sorry, it can be tricky to figure out where something should go, and I don't have the mailing list set up.
Thanks for the CC agentzh.

agentzh wrote:

>Heh, it reminds me of the echo_sleep and echo_blocking_sleep
>directives in the ngx_echo module:

I took a look at that module, and it does seem somewhat similar, except I want the sleep to be specifiable from the code, not the configuration file. I'm not sure what's being done differently to implement it that I'm not doing.

Thanks again.

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