Implementing a non-blocking delay between request and response

Tronman nginx-forum at
Fri Jan 15 18:02:58 MSK 2010

agentzh wrote:

>Heh, it reminds me of the echo_sleep and echo_blocking_sleep
>directives in the ngx_echo module:

Tronman wrote:

>I took a look at that module, and it does seem somewhat similar, except I want the sleep to be specifiable >from the code, not the configuration file. I'm not sure what's being done differently to implement it that >I'm not doing.

Ah, it appears your module does to r->main->count++, if nginx_version >= 8011, which I can't under 0.7.64, but in the module docs, it doesn't say that you can't use the non-blocking sleep with 0.7.64, only that you can't use it after echo_location or echo_subrequest, which I'm not trying to do. So what am I missing for how the non-blocking works in 0.7.64?

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