reverse proxying towards various hardware devices

Paul Swielingen lists at
Sat Jan 23 18:45:07 MSK 2010

Hi all,

I need some help with NGINX reverse proxying setup.

The problem: make several devices accessible through a single IP
my current configuration works:
1) For some devices: fine
2) For other devices: for a large part
3) For still other devices: hardly

I analyzed the reason for 2) and 3) above and it comes down to: as soon
as such a device returns a page with links that starts with a / clicking
the link fails.  The reason for this is that the reverse proxy no longer
recognizes the request as destined for the particular device.

The relevant part from my nginx.conf file:

  server {

    location / {
      root   /var/mine/data;
      index  index.html;

    location /spa3000-1/ { # forward to device
similar configs for other devices

I am aware that I could destine all these devices to their own port but
I don't want to do that because securing them will become very
difficult. Therefore I don't want to take that path.

I know of the existence of referrers but I do not understand how to
approach using that. Anybody can help me?

kind regards
Paul Swielingen
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