PHP-FPM and concurrency

Kiril Angov kupokomapa at
Thu Jan 28 11:01:57 MSK 2010


I have a strange problem maybe not related to nginx but it could very well be. So I make a long (time consuming) request to a PHP page. Where that request is in progress, let's say 1 minute, with the SAME browser I cannot open another page from that same "server {}" block. If within that minute I use ANOTHER browser to open a page from that "server {}" block, it does open just fine. Which rules any database locks, for example. I have tested this with at least one more person, so it is not a browser configuration problem. Also, I can open static files with the same browser which means that it is something related to the PHP requests only.

What can I try and where to look for the problem?

Thanks you!

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