is there any way to make Substitution module to work with gzip?

tOmasEn tomasen at
Fri Jan 29 12:18:54 MSK 2010

maybe because of mixed with proxy pass?

I use curl to test:

this is the server mix proxy_pass with substitution with gzip on:
 curl -k "Host:" ""
-vvv  -o x --compressed
return 51k none-gziped content

this is the original serverwith gzip on:
 curl -k -H "Host:" ""
-vvv  -o x --compressed
return 15k gziped content

On Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 5:00 PM, Weibin Yao <nbubingo at> wrote:

> tOmasEn at 2010-1-29 16:25 wrote:
>> Substitution module can replace
>> text for content from proxy_pass.
>> In order to use this function, it have to turn gzip transfer off from
>> server to server, which is understandable all right.
>> But I want when after substitution module replaced the text, nginx can
>> gzip it and send it to client. Is there any way to do that?
> Are you sure Nginx can't  gzip the response with the substitution module?
> AFAIK, the substitution module is a filter module before the gzip filter
> module. They are not conflicted.
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