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One thing we must do is tuning. Your experience on temp files is useful for me.

2010/1/29 yong xue <ultraice at>:
> hi,
>     last week, I did a nginx performance test.
>     Yes, with no surprise, nginx is perfect.
>    First, I proxyed 15 web hosts after nginx,  the cpu utilization and disk
> IO were a little high,  this was cause by the file download and access log,
> after I closed the access log, and changed the download to
> synchronization by set proxy_max_temp_file_size to zero, nginx run with
> little CPU consumption.
>    So I turned more web hosts after nginx, the disk IO became some high
> again, this was caused by uploading,  so I changed the client_body_tmp_path
> to a tmpfs,
> and disk IO disappear, and the bottleneck was the memory capacity.
>     Finally with 50+ web host proxyed, the nginx host's CPU utilization is
> about 30%, and the client_body_tmp_path occupied 4-6G, the peak throughput
> of each network
> adater was 400-450M.
>     It is a good result. Thanks you, sysoev.
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