nginx forward prxoy problem when header contains 'Proxy-Connection: keep-alive'

xuzheng xuzheng80 at
Mon Jun 21 12:08:25 MSD 2010

hi, when i use nginx as a forward prxoy, some page can not be downloaded
http_proxy=ip:port wget -O test.html'Proxy-Connection:
keep-alive' -S
the received data length always less than response heade specificed length,
so wget will retry again and again.
if use ie or firefox, the page load very slow, I guess the browser retry
many times like wget.
but if not sent header 'Proxy-Connection: keep-alive', the page can be
downloaded successfully.
Any one has idea?

the nginx config file:
server { # simple load balancing
        listen          9681;
        location / {
                proxy_pass      http://$http_host$request_uri;

the nginx version is 0.7.65-5 ,
os is debian Linux dev 2.6.30-1-amd64
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