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Igor Sysoev igor at
Thu Jun 24 18:25:15 MSD 2010

On Thu, Jun 24, 2010 at 03:15:26PM +0100, Mark Rogers wrote:

> I'm considering nginx as an upgrade from Apache, on a virtual server 
> with many virtual hosts. I have no nginx experience (yet!)
> I know that there are many reasons why nginx is likely better than 
> Apache in my environment, but on the other hand "if it isn't broken, 
> don't fix it". However, there is one aspect that I consider broken, so 
> if nginx handles things differently that could be the reason to switch.
> With Apache, if the config file has an error in it, Apache will error 
> and stop. The config test doesn't catch all possible errors (eg I had a 
> situation where an SSL certificate was updated without the SSL key, and 
> the config test showed no problems, but a config reload took the server 
> offline for several minutes while the problem was resolved).
> How robust is nginx?
> To me, it seems simple: there should be startup scripts that start the 
> server, and roll-back to a known-good config if the current config 
> fails. But whatever the method, I'm looking for a server which has 
> considered this and found a solution to it.
> Note: I am looking to use a distro package (to make maintenance easy) so 
> I'm not really looking for custom scripts, although that's not being 
> ruled out. Distro will likely be Ubuntu server.

You can run "nginx -t" before applying configuration: it catches almost all
possible errors except some fatal errors: no memory, files, etc.
If you send -HUP signal to reconfigure and a new configuration is bad,
then nginx continues to run with an old configuration, if no fatal
errors will happen. SSL certificate without key case is not the fatal error.

Igor Sysoev

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