nginx rewrite rules conditional once again

Igor Sysoev igor at
Wed Jun 30 14:21:55 MSD 2010

On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 03:44:44PM +0530, Rahul Bansal wrote:

> >
> > You think in a backward logic. Try a forward logic: what should be done for
> Agree with this!
> As a general rules, when writing nginx config, we better think from *scratch
> *.
> It happened to me that I came across some very complex apache rules and
> ended up sitting idle because I couldn't find their direct conversion in
> nginx.
> But then one day, I just analyzed input used and output produced by apache
> rules and in few hours I solved that problem is myself.
> Switching from apache to nginx is as complex as switching form windows to
> linux/mac.
> If you start solving any problem with old knowledge you will always find
> things difficult.  ;-)

This is not Apache issue, this is a wrong practice to configure anything
with sendmail-style RewriteRules. BTW Apache is built by default without
mod_rewrite, you have to --enable-rewrite.

Igor Sysoev

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