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> Hello!
> On Mon, Mar 01, 2010 at 02:18:58PM -0500, sridhar basam wrote:
> > The documentation for the mail proxy module state the "so_keepalive"
> > variable can be used to toggle keepalive functionality to the backend
> > server.
> Wow.  Where did you find one?  May be you mean wiki?
That is right, it was on the english wiki. I have corrected it on the wiki,
if you want to give it a look.

> > The actual code though uses this configuration variable to drive
> keepalive
> > functionality on the client side connection though. Below is a short
> patch
> > which changes the keepalive functionality to the backend server.
> It is believed that it works as expected - sets SO_KEEPALIVE on
> client socket once we are about to open backend connection (which
> is usually resource consuming, as backends are used to follow
> process per connection model).  This allows to free backend
> connections early as long as clients silently disappear.
> You may want to fix wiki instead (it seems to be down right now
> though).
Yeah, guess doing it on either end is fine, since the backend is going to
get torn down if the client is detected as down.


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