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Guillaume Filion gfk at
Thu Mar 11 18:31:42 MSK 2010

Hi Jan,

You can do all that with nginx.

Check out these sites for more infos:

You're right for the ports, you should setup nginx on port 80 and IIS on
another (81 or 8080).

Good luck!

Jan Kašpar a écrit :
> Hello,
> I am using MS IIS web server as image web. Right now I cannot change
> to another solution because of special plugiunens that are used.
> I have problem with caching images. There is over 500 000 and IIS
> doesnt have so hight performance. I woul like to use nginx to cache
> most viewed pictures. Is ti posible to do that? Can I run nginx on
> same server as IIS? can someone help me with configuration?
> How to configure nginx to use cache only for pictures,
> how to configure expire time.
> what about ports? I think nginx will get port 80 and IIS change on
> oanother one 81. so inet users will ask nginx and it wil ask IIS in
> backend?
> Thanks for help.
> Jan
Guillaume Filion

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