Lots of "No route to host" in Nginx error log

Cliff Wells cliff at develix.com
Tue Mar 23 18:47:14 MSK 2010

On Tue, 2010-03-23 at 08:26 -0400, zhangyun112112 wrote:
> I find that error to , My Configuration is 4 upstreams, three
> upstreams is 1 cpu、2G memory,one is 2cpu、4Gmemory,the 2cpu's doesn't
> have this error,but the three 1cpus have this error,those server all
> in the same LAN ,anyone have the suggestion?

As 崔玉松 said, this is a network issue, not a Nginx issue.   You should
check the proper function and configuration of both your LAN and the
machines attached to it.


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