[Problem] Too many cache

Dennis Jacobfeuerborn dennisml at conversis.de
Tue Oct 5 16:00:55 MSD 2010

On 10/05/2010 01:22 PM, Avalon wrote:
> Hello,
> I'v got an heavy problem of cache overflow... First I give you the
> problem in an image (by munin) :
> [img]http://desmond.yfrog.com/Himg825/scaled.php?tn=0&server=825&filename=localhostlocaldomainmem.png&xsize=640&ysize=640[/img]
> Like you can see, the cache is taking about 900 Mo !

The cache adapts dynamically to the workload i.e. as long as you have free 
memory the operating system will try to cache data in there. Once you run 
out of free memory the os will begin to throw out cached information to 
satisfy allocation requests.

The real amount of free memory (as in "memory that can be allocated by 
applications" also sometimes calles "available memoery") is free memory (as 
in "completely unused memory" that is shown in e.g. top or /proc/meminfo) 
plus cached memory.


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