[Problem] Too many cache

Avalon nginx-forum at nginx.us
Tue Oct 5 16:56:11 MSD 2010

> You still have about 700M of free (unused) memory,
> so it looks 
> like cache "underflow" for me.  Cache is expected
> to use all 
> available memory as long as it's not needed for
> apps and cache 
> have something to cache.
> Maxim Dounin

Thank you ! I think this cache is "underflow" because this server hasn't
many website on it.

> The cache adapts dynamically to the workload i.e.
> as long as you have free 
> memory the operating system will try to cache data
> in there. Once you run 
> out of free memory the os will begin to throw out
> cached information to 
> satisfy allocation requests.
> The real amount of free memory (as in "memory that
> can be allocated by 
> applications" also sometimes calles "available
> memoery") is free memory (as 
> in "completely unused memory" that is shown in
> e.g. top or /proc/meminfo) 
> plus cached memory.
> Regards,
>    Dennis

Thank your for this valuable answer !!

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