[ANN] ngx_drizzle v0.0.12: better timeout control

agentzh agentzh at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 11:48:36 MSD 2010

Hi, folks!

I'm delighted to announce the v0.0.12 release of ngx_drizzle, a
non-blocking upstream module that helps nginx talk directly to mysql,
drizzle, and sqlite3 servers (and with an optional connection pool).
The project source repository and the homepage is on GitHub:


and the release tarball can be downloaded from


This release has the highlight of several new config directives that
control the various timeout settings used by ngx_drizzle:

   drizzle_connect_timeout <time>
   drizzle_send_query_timeout <time>
   drizzle_recv_cols_timeout <time>
   drizzle_recv_rows_timeout <time>

The default timeout values for them are all "60 s", i.e., 60 seconds,
which may be too long for many real world applications.

Thanks my colleague shrimp++ for testing them and fixing bugs in the
original (undocumented) implementation :)

Also thanks Piotr Sikora for his tireless improving the test suite to
fit our grand test build farm and his fixes for the recent nginx
0.8.47+ releases.

As always, special thanks go to my colleague and closest friend,
chaoslawful++, for creating such an excellent module in the first
place ;)

FWIW, we're already using this module (combined with ngx_rds_json as
well as many other modules) in production, in particular, the
Taobao.com LiangZi Shop Stats website:


Have fun!

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