Nginx-ey-balancer (Engine Yard patch to Nginx for max_connections upstream)

jlangevin nginx-forum at
Wed Sep 8 20:40:41 MSD 2010

So apparently Engine Yard has a patch for Nginx, called
nginx-ey-balancer, to add a max_connections directive for connections
being passed upstream.
The patch is to fix issues such as Mongrel backend servers being dropped
by Nginx (at least, that's my understanding).

I searched the forums, though, didn't see any mention of it.

Is Igor aware of this patch, and is this needed in Nginx for anyone
using the proxy module? 
(Our backend is nginx+php-fpm, w/ nginx reverse proxy on frontend, and
will be using the load balancer in the near future).

[quote]haproxy maxconn for nginx
Adds a request queue to Nginx that allows the limiting of concurrent
passed to the upstream.  "max_connections N;" in an upstream directive
that each upstream server will be given N request at a time, per Nginx
worker. For example, if you have two workers and "max_connections 1;"
there will be a total of 2 requests at a time on each upstream server.

Some benchmarks:


  upstream mongrels {
    max_connections 1;

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