Nginx-ey-balancer (Engine Yard patch to Nginx for max_connections upstream)

Cliff Wells cliff at
Wed Sep 8 21:12:30 MSD 2010

On Wed, 2010-09-08 at 12:40 -0400, jlangevin wrote:
> So apparently Engine Yard has a patch for Nginx, called
> nginx-ey-balancer, to add a max_connections directive for connections
> being passed upstream.
> The patch is to fix issues such as Mongrel backend servers being dropped
> by Nginx (at least, that's my understanding).

Not exactly.   The issue being solved is that Rails can only handle a
single request at a time.   If you don't use Rails then this patch is
probably of little use to you.

> I searched the forums, though, didn't see any mention of it.
> Is Igor aware of this patch, and is this needed in Nginx for anyone
> using the proxy module? 
> (Our backend is nginx+php-fpm, w/ nginx reverse proxy on frontend, and
> will be using the load balancer in the near future).

FPM has adaptive spawning which is probably what you want.


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