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Francis Daly francis at daoine.org
Tue Apr 5 12:59:47 MSD 2011

On Tue, Apr 05, 2011 at 02:17:30AM -0400, vetri wrote:

Hi there,

there seem to be lots of mails reporting lots of problems with your
configuration. Presumably something is not being done right, or you are
finding something unclear about the documentation.

To step back a bit:

in order for you to upload a file via http, you must write a html form
which includes at least one "<input type=file>" field, which the client
gets; and you must write an upload-form-handler which nginx has access to,
either via proxy_pass to another http server, or via fastcgi_pass to a
fastcgi server, or via one of the other "dynamic" mechanisms (scgi_pass,
uwsgi_pass, etc).

You seem to have written the form, and sent it to the client. That's good.

I don't see any obvious evidence that you have written the form-handler.

Have you? And if so, how does nginx send the request to your handler? As
in, what url does nginx access, and by what means (proxy_pass,
fastcgi_pass, other)?

>       i am uploading files via nginx upload module . in my configuration
>        location     /upload {
>   ..............
> ..................
>     }
>         this will be matched with post request .but when i upload file
> .file is uploaded successfully  response to the client is 403 .
>        when i see log file it is showing directory indexof  
> /usr/local/nginx/html/upload/  is forbidden ?
> if someone knows plz tell me .

I guess that you are trying to POST to a url like /directory, and are
being redirected to /directory/, and then you try to GET /directory/
which has not been configured to e allowed.

But that's pretty much just a symptom of the broken setup, and so not
too important.

The important bit is: where is your form handler? 

Good luck,

Francis Daly        francis at daoine.org

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