upload module forbidden

Alexander Kunz akunz at ntmedia.de
Tue Apr 5 18:00:43 MSD 2011

Hello vetri,

shure, but not without a backend. Renaming the temp file is a job for 
your Backend. If you can/will not
use somthing linke php/jsp/asp you can try embedding the LUA engine into 
nginx, there a lot of mails in
this list from agentzh and me (questions from me, very helpful answers 
from agentzh) but, be aware
renaming with lua is blocking.

Btw. reading c code from this module will be helpful, i am no c 
developer but its not so hard to understand
whats happen...



Am 05.04.2011 15:43, schrieb vetri:
> mr alexander,
>             my goal is to save the file in the real name (or) pass the
> temporary name to backend server as query .
>            can i do that?
>    thanks

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