Nginx 1.0.0 and Third Party Modules Install

António P. P. Almeida appa at
Sun Apr 17 02:04:46 MSD 2011

On 16 Abr 2011 18h27 WEST, mat999 at wrote:

> I dont know why you would use the debian version of nginx
> anyway... its years out of date.

Wrong: in the unstable distribution it's 0.8.54, hardly years out of

There are plenty of builds out there of up to date devel releases of
nginx for debian. Much more than for Ubuntu. 

Remember than in debian there's no supposedly "funny" cleverly devised
names for the releases. There are stable, testing and unstable
releases. With apt pinning you can mix and match packages from several
releases. For example building nginx with openssl-1.0.0d.

Please don't spread misinformation.

Thank you,
--- appa

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