Nginx 1.0 + IPv6 kills server when accessed over IPv6

Egill R. Erlendsson | Grapewire egill at
Mon Apr 18 21:26:25 MSD 2011

I just upgraded from 0.8.54 to 1.0 (I've also tried various versions of
0.9.x experiencing the same issue).

Running 2.6.35-28-generic #50-Ubuntu SMP on a 64bit Ubuntu 10.10

As soon as I try to open a connection to an ipv6 enabled site via ipv6 - the
server just hangs instantly, requiring a hard reboot (nothing is dumped to
any logs).

Since the server is located in another country I've only managed to grab a
screenshot of the KVM:

This does not happen when using 0.8.54 (or any other 0.8.x version I've used

Not sure if this is an Nginx issue, kernel issue, hardware issue, but I
thought this would be the best place to start.
Has anyone else experienced something similar?

Kind regards,
Egill R.
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