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António P. P. Almeida appa at
Thu Apr 21 22:55:18 MSD 2011

On 21 Abr 2011 19h32 WEST, lists at wrote:

> Hello,
> I am trying to add memcache module in Nginx.
> Following
> In Levent's blog, in the end, he mentioned
> "Nginx's memcache module never put anything automatically in
> memcached.  You have to store your information in it manually by
> using something like a script. Considering our example, if we forget
> to store information about a file in memcached, it will be always
> served by back-end Apache servers. Here is a simple php script,
> which finds given image types and deploy it into memcached for
> Nginx. "
> I want to know whether it is still valid? Since the blog is one year
> ago. Maybe Nginx improve memcache module in the middle.

AFAIK it' still the case: the nginx memcache official module is a
write only thing. you can however use agentzh's memc module that
supports also writing and more:

> For dynamically generate webpage on the backend server (query mysql
> database), I do not have static files. So how can I use memcache to
> record dynamically created webpage in front server? (Nginx frontend
> server is running in, and backend server running in

See above.

--- appa

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