Question about memcache

Yanxin Z. lists at
Thu Apr 21 22:32:56 MSD 2011

I am trying to add memcache module in Nginx.


In Levent's blog, in the end, he mentioned

"Nginx's memcache module never put anything automatically in memcached.
You   have to store your information in it manually by using something
like a script. Considering our example, if we forget to store
information about a file in memcached, it will be always served by
back-end Apache servers. Here is a simple php script, which finds given
image types and deploy it into memcached for Nginx. "

I want to know whether it is still valid? Since the blog is one year
ago. Maybe Nginx improve memcache module in the middle.

For dynamically generate webpage on the backend server (query mysql
database), I do not have static files. So how can I use memcache to
record dynamically created webpage in front server? (Nginx frontend
server is running in, and backend server running in


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