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Fri Feb 4 18:01:59 MSK 2011

Dew Wrote:
> I welcome,
> I am here new and if I am writing in the bad
> department I apologise. Around drupalem earlier I
> already had the contact but now already on
> seriously and wants on the base drupal 7 to build
> the web page. My server is VPS with the system
> ubuntu, I installed server www nginx because he is
> being efficienting very much and here my problem
> appeared. Because images which he is adding aren't
> reading carefully to articles. After using
> automatic sending the picture to the server the
> link to him is following:
> _image_fakt02022011_470.jpeg 
> But already after writing articles the link is
> following:
> ublic/field/image/my_image_fakt02022011_470.jpeg
> And he isn't being shown, and if I write the link
> of the picture down in the browser: 
> ublic/field/image/my_image_fakt02022011_470.jpeg
> Server nginx is giving mistake 404: 404 Not Found
> nginx/0.8.54. I configured nginx according to it:
> Perhaps somebody had
> similar probilem and does know how to fix it? I
> will still add that for the keying become
> integrated of editor wyswig tinymce. On lighttpd
> everything acted well but how I changed the www
> server on nginx then images don't just work 
> my real address is replacing sites with 
> I apologise for my weak English very thanks
> also my topic on

The best place to request help with nginx configuration for Drupal is
the nginx group at

There are some sample configs linked at the top of that page, though
some of those are for Drupal6 and not Drupal7.

In Drupal7, images in the /styles directory have to send their 404s to
Drupal for creation of alternate images, just like images in /imagecache
for Drupal6.

Something like:

  location ~ ^.*/files\/styles\/.*$ {
    access_log      off;
    expires         45d;
    error_page 404 @drupal;

If you want to post your full config over at
folks will be happy to help.

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