Migrating from Lighttpd : mod_secdownload show-stopper ?

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Thu Feb 10 19:16:35 MSK 2011

Hi, Privet :)

I would like to switch all my media servers from Lighttpd 1.5.0 to
latest Nginx version but I have a strong requirement : mod_secdownload.
I saw that a similar module exists for Nginx but it's not working
exactly the same way as Lighty's one and "httpsecurelink" uses a too
different mechanism. Moreover, the "securedownload" seems to have been
not updated for a long time (since 3rd of august last year).

Do you have any advices/ideas to help me mimick Lighty's
"mod_secdownload", please ? Actually, my application produce links like
this one :


Any help will be greatly appreciated as this is the only point I need to
solve before proceeding to migration.

Nginx : 0.8.54
Secure Download : downloaded from github
OS : Centos 5.5 x86_64


Thomas S

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