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Hi there,

> But it looks to me as if the behaviour you see is to be expected, based
> on the documentation you quote:

[from ]

Note that if a redirect is relative (has no host part), then when
redirecting Nginx uses the "Host" header if the header match name of
server_name directive or the first name of server_name directive, if
the header does not match or is absent. If no server_name is set, then
the local hostname is used. If you want Nginx to always use the "Host"
header, you can use a wildcard "*" server_name (but see the  restrictions
on doing so).

> Other than a little bit of grammar, the documentation looks correct.

Actually, now that I look at it again and actually *test*, I believe
this documentation is wrong -- at least as it relates to 0.9.4.

Reality seems to be more like

Note that if a redirect is relative (has no host part),
then Nginx generates the host part based on the value of
(./HttpCoreModule#server_name_in_redirect) server_name_in_redirect,
which now defaults to "off".

That linked documentation says

If server_name_in_redirect is on, then Nginx will use the first value
of the server_name directive for redirects. If server_name_in_redirect
is off, then nginx will use the requested Host header.

which is true, but an extra note like "if the first value of the
server_name directive used is not a plain hostname, then generated
redirects are not likely to be useful" might warn people against blindly
setting server_name_in_redirect on.

Could someone with wiki access verify that and update the pages?


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