Problem with nginx/0.8.54 and alias

Maxim Dounin mdounin at
Sun Feb 20 02:14:48 MSK 2011


On Sat, Feb 19, 2011 at 12:05:17PM -0500, Jim Ohlstein wrote:


> >And as far as this indeed affects mailing list and forum,
> >including people in this particular thread (note several messages
> >with incorrect configs due to<NAME>  being stripped) - I don't

Just a side note: you mail client seems to unable to handle <NAME> 
correctly as well.

> >consider private reporting to be better way to go.
> I don't disagree but reporting it is different than making comments
> such as "forum is awful" without giving specifics. That is hardly
> helpful.

I was really specific, Jim.  I've commented relevant part with 
missed data and wrote that data was eaten by forum.  If you think 
that it's not specific - well, sorry.

> >Some more issues in additional to one with<NAME>, in case you are
> >willing to work on them:
> >
> >1. BB-codes seems to be processed in mailing list messages shown
> >in forum, thus providing another data damage vector.  Example may
> >be seen in the same thread, in Igor's message:
> We have gone over this one in the past. The way the forum engine
> works is that it "sees" anything enclosed in square brackets as
> bbcode. My choice was to send the messages "as is" with the bbcode
> or to strip the bbcode. Initially I was stripping the bbcode in
> emails from the forum until it was brought to my attention that this
> also stripped necessary information, mostly from regexps. When
> informed, and at *your* request, I changed it so bbcode is sent in
> the emails. I can eliminate bbcode entirely, but that is the only
> "solution", albeit not a great one.

I previously requested the very same thing: to eliminate data 
loss.  Current situation is better than it was before the mentioned 
change, but it's still far from ideal.


Maxim Dounin

p.s. Most of the time I tend to think that best method to resolve 
all forum-to-maillist problems would be to eliminate posting from 
forum to mailing list entirely, but sometimes try to be polite.

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