Problem with nginx/0.8.54 and alias

Jim Ohlstein jim at
Sun Feb 20 04:28:27 MSK 2011

On 2/19/11 6:14 PM, Maxim Dounin wrote:
> Hello!
> On Sat, Feb 19, 2011 at 12:05:17PM -0500, Jim Ohlstein wrote:
> [...]
>>> And as far as this indeed affects mailing list and forum,
>>> including people in this particular thread (note several messages
>>> with incorrect configs due to<NAME>   being stripped) - I don't
> Just a side note: you mail client seems to unable to handle<NAME>
> correctly as well.

Really? Attached are screen shots of the last email I sent which 
included several usages of that string. I use Thunderbird/3.1.7 (Mac) 
and the mail is sent via Google Apps. Screen captures are attached from 
both the sent folder from my client and that of the Google web client. 
They look OK to me.

>>> consider private reporting to be better way to go.
>> I don't disagree but reporting it is different than making comments
>> such as "forum is awful" without giving specifics. That is hardly
>> helpful.
> I was really specific, Jim.  I've commented relevant part with
> missed data and wrote that data was eaten by forum.  If you think
> that it's not specific - well, sorry.

Again attached is your comment. You said "Just a side note: forum is 
awful, it eats data.". No more. Without saying what data and when, it's 
hardly what I would consider specific. I've been married for almost 20 
years  - closer to 25 if you consider both wives ;) - and my experience 
is that they have wanted me to "just know" what they're thinking. That's 
bad enough but I can't read your mind too. We can agree to disagree as 
to how specific your comment really was.

If your commenting has been sent elsewhere then ASSuming that I've read 
it is a bad thing. I don't read every message on this list. Some threads 
simply do not interest me and I stop reading them after the first email, 
or even based on the title of the first one. Subscribing to a mailing 
list hardly obligates me to read every message posted to it. Hence why I 
said, if there is an issue with the forum that you have commented on and 
I have seemed to "ignore" you, contact me directly.  It's not that I'm 
actually ignoring you, it's that I simply haven't "heard" you. Works in 
marriage too.

>>> Some more issues in additional to one with<NAME>, in case you are
>>> willing to work on them:
>>> 1. BB-codes seems to be processed in mailing list messages shown
>>> in forum, thus providing another data damage vector.  Example may
>>> be seen in the same thread, in Igor's message:
>> We have gone over this one in the past. The way the forum engine
>> works is that it "sees" anything enclosed in square brackets as
>> bbcode. My choice was to send the messages "as is" with the bbcode
>> or to strip the bbcode. Initially I was stripping the bbcode in
>> emails from the forum until it was brought to my attention that this
>> also stripped necessary information, mostly from regexps. When
>> informed, and at *your* request, I changed it so bbcode is sent in
>> the emails. I can eliminate bbcode entirely, but that is the only
>> "solution", albeit not a great one.
> I previously requested the very same thing: to eliminate data
> loss.  Current situation is better than it was before the mentioned
> change, but it's still far from ideal.
> [...]
> Maxim Dounin
> p.s. Most of the time I tend to think that best method to resolve
> all forum-to-maillist problems would be to eliminate posting from
> forum to mailing list entirely, but sometimes try to be polite.

Your feelings on this issue have been made known clearly since before 
the forum opened. Again, Igor is the final arbiter of this issue since 
he owns the "" domain. If he wants the two way communication 
closed then the forum will wither and die. I would close it in such a 
situation since it would serve no purpose. I have little doubt that you 
have lobbied him extensively on this issue. As you can see, I prefer the 
mailing list myself. However, there are many people, including many who 
use the Russian mailing list forum, who prefer to get support via a 
forum. I cannot provide the type of technical support that you and Igor 
and some other very knowledgeable and smart people provide. Hosting the 
forum is a small thing that I can do since nginx has helped me greatly.

As you can see from the attached page from Google Analytics, forum 
visits grew steadily over calendar year 2010. The dips are the weekends 
so I am guessing that people are often using it at work.

The "bonce rate" is high. That may be that people find it useless, but 
it may be that people find the information they are seeking. Either way, 
the same would happen on the mailing list archives since they contain 
more or less the same information. As I mentioned, we have nearly 4000 
registered users. As you can see, most visits are from USA, but Russia 
is second, Germany third, UK fourth and China fifth. Russian visitors 
are more likely to be returning visitors than are those from USA, 
Germany, UK, or China, and Russian visitors have somewhat lower bounce 
rate and somewhat higher page views/visit than do those from USA, 
Germany, and UK. Ukraine is number six in total visits. Page views per 
visit, new vs. returning visits, and bounce rates are similar to those 
of Russian visitors. I am guessing that many if not most of these 
visitors are availing themselves of pages in the Russian mailing list. I 
have not looked at data from other nations in the former USSR, but my 
point is that this may be useful to people from many nations. So 
solutions to the problems would seem better than cutting off help to 
those who want it and find this method better for them. While one 
million annual visitors hardly makes this a big site, it does indicate 
that there is at least a demand. If you consider that 87% bounce, then 
those visitors are responsible for roughly 870,000 out of roughly 1.4 
million pages viewed. Extrapolating, the other 130,000 visitors viewed 
roughly 530,000 pages or just over four pages per visit. Considering the 
number of nginx users worldwide, I think this may be a significant number.

Again, I'm asking for help with the code from anyone who can look it over.

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