Reload / HUP signal not working anymore

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Sun Jun 5 16:04:25 MSD 2011

I'm running the current stable version of Nginx (nginx: nginx version:
nginx/1.0.4), but reloading my configs doesn't work anymore. Instead
I've to restart nginx on all webservers to get it reloading my configs,
but that takes some time I can't lose.

I've a main config (nginx.conf) that loads up all configs from the
/domains/ folder. When altering a config inside the /domains/ folder,
reloading nginx with the -HUP signal or with the nginx -s reload
command, it doesn't use the change I just made. 

I run into this problem recently, but cannot really say if it's since
1.0.4 or since 1.0.3. as we've updated directly from 1.0.2.

If there is more information required from my side, just say so. I've
spent hours debugging this thing now :)

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