Reload / HUP signal not working anymore

Igor Sysoev igor at
Sun Jun 5 16:05:45 MSD 2011

On Sun, Jun 05, 2011 at 08:04:25AM -0400, Renedx wrote:
> I'm running the current stable version of Nginx (nginx: nginx version:
> nginx/1.0.4), but reloading my configs doesn't work anymore. Instead
> I've to restart nginx on all webservers to get it reloading my configs,
> but that takes some time I can't lose.
> I've a main config (nginx.conf) that loads up all configs from the
> /domains/ folder. When altering a config inside the /domains/ folder,
> reloading nginx with the -HUP signal or with the nginx -s reload
> command, it doesn't use the change I just made. 
> I run into this problem recently, but cannot really say if it's since
> 1.0.4 or since 1.0.3. as we've updated directly from 1.0.2.
> If there is more information required from my side, just say so. I've
> spent hours debugging this thing now :)

What does "nginx -t" show ?

Igor Sysoev

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