error_page for 413 not working on remote machine, but works on localhost

Srirang Doddihal om.brahmana at
Sat Jun 18 16:12:03 MSD 2011

Hi all,

I am trying to setup an error_page for 413 (Too large uploads). It
works perfectly fine on localhost, where it doesn't work on my remote
staging machine.

There is no change in the configuration file (except for the hostname
setting). When I try to upload a file larger than the limit (which is
the default 1MB) in case of the remote machine, the request gets
aborted, i.e. Firefox throws up the "Connection was reset" error page.
In the case of localhost, however, I get the appropriate error file.

The error file permissions are proper. I see the 413 log line in
access.log and the corresponding entry in error.log in both setups. It
is the exact same build (0.8.52) on both machines.

Any pointers to troubleshoot this?

Would any other data from my side be useful to better
understand/diagnose the issue here?

Srirang G Doddihal

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