error_page for 413 not working on remote machine, but works on localhost

Gena Makhomed gmm at
Sat Jun 18 16:27:08 MSD 2011

On 18.06.2011 15:12, Srirang Doddihal wrote:

> I am trying to setup an error_page for 413 (Too large uploads). It
> works perfectly fine on localhost, where it doesn't work on my remote
> staging machine.
> There is no change in the configuration file (except for the hostname
> setting). When I try to upload a file larger than the limit (which is
> the default 1MB) in case of the remote machine, the request gets
> aborted, i.e. Firefox throws up the "Connection was reset" error page.
> In the case of localhost, however, I get the appropriate error file.
> The error file permissions are proper. I see the 413 log line in
> access.log and the corresponding entry in error.log in both setups. It
> is the exact same build (0.8.52) on both machines.
> Any pointers to troubleshoot this?

looks like this is browser issue, not nginx one.

(russian language) explanation:

try translate it to english via google translate.

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