nginx + Frontpage extensions

Igor Sysoev igor at
Wed Mar 9 12:11:22 MSK 2011

On 08.03.2011, at 7:39, vpslist wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm a long time mailing list subscriber and I had a client ask me  
> about
> this. I drew a blank so here goes:
> My client wants to use Frontpage extensions because she is  
> accustomed to
> using them. I run all my website clients on VPS servers because  
> nginx is
> very efficient. I usually run nginx + MySQL + php-cgi and my clients  
> are
> extremely happy I migrate them from shared hosting to "their own
> server". This client needs Frontpage extensions and I'm dreading the
> thought of putting her on Apache - any ideas or suggestions besides
> telling her to stop using Frontpage? ;-)

nginx has no Frontage support.

Igor Sysoev

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