Nginx multiple Tornado Apps on Ubuntu 10.04 Server edition

TornadoRocks ye.eugene at
Sat Mar 12 14:47:37 MSK 2011

Hi all, 
I am having quite a bit of issues in setting up tornado apps on ubuntu 10.04 
server edition.

Here's the background information:
1) The location of my tornado application is at: 
The folder structure is as such:

2) For my Nginx configuration, I am making use of /etc/nginx/sites-enabled 
to host multiple tornado apps.
In the sites-enabled folder, I created a file:
server {

            listen   80;
            rewrite ^/(.*)$1 permanent;


server {

            listen   80;

            access_log /srv/www/;

            location / {

                        root   /srv/www/;



after saving the above file, i restarted nginx by running /etc/init.d/nginx 

Than I received the following error message:
Restarting nginx: [warn]: conflicting server name "" on, ignored
[warn]: conflicting server name "" on, ignored

I did not make any changes to the default nginx.conf file by the way.

But the weird thing is that after starting my tornado app by running python, 
I am able to access my app at http://xxx.xx.xx.xx:8888

So my questions are:
1) What caused the nginx error message?
2) Am I missing any configuration? ( such as changing /etc/hosts ? -> i've 
tried this but it didnt work as well )
3) what can i do to enable my app at ? ( I have already 
pointed the DNS to my present host )

I need a bit of hand holding as I am kind of new in terms of putting Tornado 
in production using Nginx.

I am using Tornado 1.2.1, Ubuntu 10.04, Nginx 0.8.54

Please help me~~~~

Best Regards.

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