100% CPU Usage (on all 8 cores)

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Sat Mar 19 02:30:08 MSK 2011

I have installed NGinX and struggled getting the server to work. It apparantly converts the httpd.conf and ports them to nginx vhosts. As many would know, the server upon starting would error out and die.

I have sorted that issue out, now the server actually starts, and pages load. There is only one problem... My CPU is 100% load (on all 8 cores)

See for yourself:
[img] http://i51.tinypic.com/34zaphe.jpg [/img]

The server actually went offline and needed a reboot because of this...

I confirmed it was nginx causing this, by dropping services one by one (mysql, ftp, ssh, etc.) and the load stayed there until nginx was stopped.

Any Ideas? I still get a massive amount of errors upon starting nginx but I was told the ones I had could be ignored, as it said in the error itself...

Any and all help is greatly appreciated as I am trying to get this working on a production server and time is critical.

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