100% CPU Usage (on all 8 cores)

"C. Bergström" codestr0m at osunix.org
Sat Mar 19 06:59:59 MSK 2011

kthxbai2u wrote:
> I have installed NGinX and struggled getting the server to work. It apparantly converts the httpd.conf and ports them to nginx vhosts. As many would know, the server upon starting would error out and die.
> I have sorted that issue out, now the server actually starts, and pages load. There is only one problem... My CPU is 100% load (on all 8 cores)
> See for yourself:
> [img] http://i51.tinypic.com/34zaphe.jpg [/img]
> The server actually went offline and needed a reboot because of this...
It's really difficult to get 100% efficiency for modern code - this is 
truly scalable

The server went offline and needed a reboot not because a userland 
application misbehaved, but there is a problem at the kernel level which 
isn't normally exposed.

Why not debug the httpd.conf and or post more meaningful details - Like 
a pastie of the config or some way for others to reproduce it?  I can't 
help directly, but I hope this helps get you on track to get help..

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