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Axel ar at
Mon Aug 13 06:23:47 UTC 2012


thanks for your answers. I will have a look on nginx development and 
take a look as suggested in the other answer.


Am 10.08.2012 15:45, schrieb Maxim Dounin:
>> - how does nginx detect if one ore more upstream servers has diappeared?
>>    - what kind of mechanism does nginx use? icmp or something else?
> It detects based on status of requests to upstream servers.  If
> requests fail - the server is considered down and additional
> requests aren't routed to it for some time.

>>    - how often does nginx request the status of upstream servers?
> For alive servers - as often as normal requests are routed to the
> servers.  For servers already considered down - once per
> fail_timeout (per worker, see below).
>> - how can I monitor the status of upstream server seen by nginx (I
>> monitor the status of running apache prcesses on the upstream server
>> separately)
> Currently, there is no way.  Moreover, each nginx worker process
> has it's own idea about status of upstream servers.
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