What's the difference between fashion jeans and normal jeans?

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2 spam messages in a few days, both coming from the same email address...

Probably spoofed address, though. Couldn't the sending machine IP range be

I won't stay on a spammed mailing-list.
*B. R.*

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> Hey, I have a huge interest in clothes but I don't get why people spend
> hundreds of pounds on jeans, when any good shop will have a pair that
> fit and look decent.
> I once when I was younger ignorantly bought some £210 jeans from a
> charity shop for £5, and they lasted a lot shorter than any other pair
> of jeans I bought, and tattered surprisingly quickly, (I also wonder
> about people who by plainest clothes for fashion labels)
> what's the difference between fashion jeans and normal jeans?
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