Nginx proxy overhead with / out keep alive requests

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Wed Jun 13 17:52:32 UTC 2012

Hi Maxim,

Thanks for the insight! I had a hunch on the keepalive setting from
nginx to tomcat, but did not really find anything in the document about
that. I will give it a try and let you know the results. I am not sure
if I will be able to use this keepalive in production as it requires
upstream config and differs from the way we have architect Nginx

I am using nginx as a dynamic proxy which routes the clients calls
(primarily web service calls) to different servers depending on the key
the client passes via cookie or http headers. The url's are in a map in
the below form

     map $http_void $header_based_url{
        default "no_http_header";
        key1 server_instance_1_url;
        key2 server_instance_2_url;

  location /xxx {
         proxy_pass $header_based_url;
And to make it more simple to add / maintain the server url's, the URL's
are stored in a flat file 

I am not sure how I can use the keepalive over here other than the
upstream or how do I make this upstream config compatible.


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