Nginx proxy overhead with / out keep alive requests

paphillon nginx-forum at
Wed Jun 13 20:50:08 UTC 2012

upstream with keepalive has the results almost comparable with tomcat,
so yes keepalive between nginx and tomcat really does the trick. :)

Unfortunately we cannot use the upstream as explained in my previous
post, unless upstream can offer something like below
    map $http_void $header_based_url{

       default "no_http_header";
       #These Key => URL's are currently stored in a flat file
       key1 server_instance_1_url_host;
       key2 server_instance_2_url_host;

    upstream http_backend {

      server $header_based_url_host;

      keepalive 100;


    location /xxx {
       proxy_pass http_backend;

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