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Wed Jun 27 07:06:42 UTC 2012


Le 27/06/2012 08:40, Reinis Rozitis a écrit :
> CYBERDROID Inc.> Does it works well with php-fpm ? I plan to use it on 
> a dovecot2/roudcube production server with approx 2000 simultaneous 
> users  FreeBSD 7.4 64 bit / HP proliant 380
> It works well also with 20k and 200k simultaneous users, but it’s 
> rarely the webserver itself being the bottleneck (or resource hog) 
> more likely php in this case.

Yes of course but I've read few weeks ago there were troubles between a 
of nginx and php-fpm. That is the reason of my question on this version.

Kind regards
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