worker_connections are not enough

Reinis Rozitis r at
Mon May 21 15:44:52 UTC 2012

> But when i set the worker_connections down on (for example 11) the page can't load completely (some pictures are missing). In the 
> error-log is
> following error: worker_connections are not enough.

What is the reason to set worker_connections so low? (in general what's the reason to set it anything below 1024 even?).

> But with 4 worker_connection the browser can't load anything. (a blank page is the result)

Modern browsers usually try to open more than those 4 connections to a single host and that's not even counting some "hanged/stray" 

Firefox 4.x: 6
Firefox 3.6.x: 6
Internet Explorer 9.x: 6
Internet Explorer 8.x: dialup: 2, broadband: 6
Chrome 11.x: 6
Chrome 10.x: 6
Opera 11.x: 8
Safari 5.x: 6


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