Could people using auth-request please send me their actual nginx.conf files please?

Jonathan Matthews contact at
Wed Oct 24 12:55:29 UTC 2012

On 24 October 2012 13:23, Bob S. <farseas at> wrote:
> That link is dead.

Works for me.

user at host:~$ curl -I
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server: Apache/2.2.15 (CentOS)
Vary: Host
Last-Modified: Mon, 11 Apr 2011 09:36:27 GMT
ETag: "2ab2-4a0a14f45dcc0"
Accept-Ranges: bytes
Content-Length: 10930

> Also, I am trying to use auth_request to provide access to a protected
> directory, whereas it looks like X-Accel-Redirect is used to provide
> download access to a particular file.

slightly more carefully, I understand the distinction you're seeing. I
still think it's trivially replaceable with X-Accel-Redirect *if* you
are in control of the URI structure.

Do read that page I linked - it really can do this!

Jonathan Matthews // Oxford, London, UK

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