Photo uploads and scalability

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try this:

Paweł Marzec

Wiadomość napisana w dniu 2012-09-01, o godz. 10:42, przez Ian Evans:

> On 01/09/2012 3:06 AM, "Paweł Marzec -" wrote:
>> upload_module removes uploaded files from body and replaces them with
>> paths to temporary files where there are stored at end.
>> So your backend don't have to parse body again to extract files  
>> from it.
>> Parsing costs memory & cpu.
>> If you upload photos, they will land on disk. Your backend can  
>> analyze
>> them briefly, make first thumb to be shown back to user and ask/ 
>> schedule
>> other workers to make scalling/rotating and any image processing you
>> want to be done later in real background.
>> I'm happy user of upload_module ;-)
>> in tandem with uploadprogress_module
>> It is easy to setup, very.
>> imho: it's worthwhile
> Is there an article or tutorial that show examples of how to set the  
> module up? I've been looking around and see that some people are  
> using it with the a plugin called plupload. Any experience with that?
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