Solving a 500 error

Jonathan Matthews contact at
Tue Oct 1 22:05:35 UTC 2013

On 1 October 2013 22:57, Ian Hobson <ian.hobson at> wrote:
> On 01/10/2013 20:36, Jonathan Matthews wrote:
> To be fair, chap, you're the one who has access to the log files! What
> do *they* say?
> They tell me nothing new.

You get a 500 in your *access* log and a simultaneous entry in your
*error* log doesn't appear? At all?

> When I change a static file, I get a 500 error on the next static file I
> request - even if it is not the file I have changed.
> Sometimes I get two consecutive 500 errors, sometimes only one.
> I'm still mystified as to why I should get any at all - and why on unchanged
> files?

That "push" config stuff looks like a 3rd party module. Try running
without that enabled and see if the errors persist. If they do, try it
without that module *compiled* in and see if they persist.

NB I'm not suggesting you have to not use this module; just that if
you can isolate the problem to "when it's enabled/compiled", then you
can poke that module's authors about the problem.


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