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Lol, thanks Jonathan.
I'll let you know what the devs will reply to this issue.

You're right, this should be done from their side as Nginx is rfc compliant ^^

But your hack can be usefull under certain circumtances :p


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> Thanks Maxim, 
> I'll contact their support in order to understand its behavior. 

If you discover that it does indeed use POSTs in an nginx-incompatible way, you could use nginx to hack the request into something usable. [ NB I'd only do this for an absolutely immutable appliance; in any other situation I'd personally tell the devs their code was broken and we couldn't help: don't inherit other people's technical debt without a commitment to a fix! ] 

There's a directive (proxy_method?) which changes the verb when used in a proxy_pass'd context. 

You could just have a double pass through nginx, with the publicly-listening server{} solely being responsible for doing s/POST/PUT/ , before proxy_pass'ing to the actual webdav server via a address. Use a map to define the verb, I suggest. 

If it's not clear from the above how to do this, let me know and I'll run up a test and guide you towards some config. I suggest it's not very difficult to do, however ;-) 

Yes, this is an utterly horrible hack. No, I have never used it in production. Yes, there is an lie hidden in this paragraph. 


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