Strange nginx issue

Steve Wilson lists-nginx at
Mon Apr 7 18:35:05 UTC 2014

On 07/04/2014 16:45, Steve Wilson wrote:
> A quick read at
> suggests there's a possibility of losing 1s worth of data. I'm not sure
> if we'd still have a problem with this now we've moved page caching to
> memcache as that was causing a lot of updates. 
> Unfortunately I'm at work so can't investigate other variables easily at
> the moment, I'll hopefully have time this evening though. 
> Steve.

I guess that link was 4.1 specific, I re-read
and ended up changing the option back to 1 but also added in the
sync_binlog=1 option.

So far I've not seen any sql connections sitting doing nothing.

It might be worth doing a "show processlist" in sql when the problem
occurs to confirm if this is actually where the problem lies.


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