Nginx-Clojure Module Release 0.1.0--Let Nginx embrace Clojure & Java

Roberto De Ioris roberto at
Wed Jan 15 04:42:12 UTC 2014

> May be somebody  wonder what the differences between Nginx UWsig Module
> and
> Nginx Clojure  Module when integrating JVM.
> They are quite different. Nginx Clojure Module embed JVM instance into the
> Nginx Worker and they are in the same process and have the same memory
> address space.
>  There 's no IPC cost when using Nginx Clojure Module and even no thread
> swith cost by the default way.

Are you sure about it ? i see your code transfer requests data using a
pipe (that is a very good approach indeed as avoid you to introduce
blocking parts in nginx)

What you mean for "thread switch cost" ?

Roberto De Ioris

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